For Purchasers of the Occupational Safety Card Training Courses

The Occupational Safety Card® is a national uniform training program that provides an introduction to occupational health and safety in shared workspaces. The duration of the training is eight hours and the card must be renewed every five years. The Occupational Safety Card training courses can be taught by instructors who fulfill the instructor criteria and have completed a two-day Occupational Safety Card instructor training.

Occupational Safety Card training

The duration of the Occupational Safety Card training is eight hours. The training can be carried out as a single session or the course can be split into suitable sections. The training can also be extended and the training day can be supplemented with various active exercises and tasks that utilize different learning environments, such as safety training parks.

The training includes a written exam that can be completed in either one or two sessions. If a participant has reading or learning difficulties, the exam can also be completed orally. This should be agreed upon in advance with the instructor. In case of a failed attempt, the exam can be re-taken twice.
The Card is a Certificate of a Completed Training Course
The Occupational Safety Card® is a certificate of having completed the training course. The instructor can also issue a temporary certificate of completion, which is valid for a maximum of two weeks.

The certificate must include the following:

  • the name of the training course: Occupational Safety Card training
     8 h

  • the trainee’s name and date of birth

  • the names of the organization and the instructor in charge of the course

  • the place and date for the training

  • the validity period of the certificate, maximum time two weeks

  • the signature of the course instructor

A written certificate must be issued to persons who complete the professional competency training for lorry, bus, and coach drivers in accordance with the requirements of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi). The Occupational Safety Card® is valid for five years.

Choosing the Training Method and Instructor

The Occupational Safety Card training can be provided as a training course purchased by the company or the participants can attend an open training session. In many cases, the company’s dedicated Occupational Safety Card instructor is also a feasible choice.

The benefits of a purchased training course include the opportunity to include the training day as part of the development of the occupational health and safety skills and activities within the organization. The training can easily be supplemented with company- or purchaser-specific policies and workplace-specific needs.

With open training courses, the varying backgrounds and experiences of the participants can enrich the training and add to its versatility.

A competent instructor who is an expert in their field can complement the training to provide the aspects that the participants need to support their professional skills and competence, and use the field-specific additional materials to support the training.
Further Training for Professional Competency
The Occupational Safety Card training is also an option for lorry, bus, and coach drivers, who require further training for professional competency. Make sure that the instructor has been approved by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) and that the training day is organized as a professional competency day.

The program used in the training, “Kuljettajana yhteisellä työpaikalla” (“Driver in a shared workplace”), journal number TRAFI/387151/05.03.07/2016, has been approved by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency.
A list of approved training centers is available on the website of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency,

Providing Training in a Foreign Language

The training can be provided in any language that the instructor is proficient in or using an interpreter. In the website training courses can also be searched by language.

The Health and safety at the workplace online course that is available in five languages at provides information about the occupational health and safety in Finland.

The Price of the Training

The organizations and businesses that provide training price their courses based on the market. The training search on the website can be used to examine the general level of prices.

For instructors, the fixed costs of the training include a workbook € 5 (incl. VAT) per participant and the card € 5 (incl. VAT) per participant, which are provided to each participant and the cost of delivery for the cards and the rent for the training facility, where applicable.

With purchased training courses, it is best to request a quote for organizing a training day from an instructor.

With the further training related to the professional competency of lorry, bus, and coach drivers, the instructors can charge a registration fee in accordance with the Finnish Transport Safety Agency’s effective payment regulations. The prices can be found on the agency’s website (

Training Materials

The basic material used during the course consists of a workbook provided to each participant, which includes forms for safety observations and risk assessments. The materials and exams are also available in Swedish, English, Estonian, and Russian.

Additional field-specific materials have been produced to complement the basic structure of the instructor material. The use of these additional materials is particularly recommended when the group participating in the training operates within the same field.

The additional materials can also be used in open training sessions to demonstrate the challenges caused by people from different fields operating within a share workspace.

Field-specific additional materials are available for the following fields:

  • Auto transport
  • Construction industry: housing construction, building product industry, and infrastructure
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Property services (cleaning, maintenance, security)
  • Port services
  • Forest industry*
  • Rubber and tire manufacturing*
  • Metal and foundry industry (in progress)
  • Chemical safety, general materials
(* require dedicated instructor training in order to receive the materials)

Field-specific additional materials are mainly in Finnish.

Feedback for the Training Courses

Feedback regarding the Occupational Safety Card training can be provided using the email address or directly through the Occupational Safety Card specialists at the Centre for Occupation Safety, whose contact information is available on the website.

Information About the System

Information regarding the Occupational Safety Card system, its development, and current news are available through the website and the Facebook page for the Occupational Safety Card ( In Finnish) (

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